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Whether you are searching for a hosting website for your personal site or your business site, reliability is certainly something that should be a priority. HostMonster is a hosting solutions site that has built their business on providing reliable, quality, high-powered and affordable service for individuals looking to launch their own site. Take a look at what makes HostMonster different from other hosting sites you may be considering.  You can checkout Host Monsters current hosting specials here.

Features of HostMonster

Customer accounts are created based on your particular needs, however all accounts come standard with certain features that you simply can’t get for one price from other hosting sites. Some features of their accounts include:

  • One year free domain name
  • Unlimited web hosting space
  • Browser based e-mail
  • Spam protection
  • Account specific control panel
  • CGI library
  • Unlimited e-mail autoresponder
  • Add-on and parked domains

Specific accounts also contain additional features and bonuses to help operate a fluid website, whether you need a professional or personal website. Some of these additional options include:

  • Agora shopping cart
  • Streaming audio and video support
  • Quad processor performance servers
  • Mailing lists
  • Flash/Shockwave

It is also important to recognize that their site also offers dedicated server hosting packages based on your need. Three packages are provided for those interested, the standard package, enhanced package and premium package.  Each comes with access to an Intel dual or quad core Xeon processor, 4 GB RAM at a minimum, at least 3 dedicated IPs and a free domain name. Depending on the package that you select, the features will only improve!

Additional Benefits of HostMonster

Because there is more to a hosting site than simply the features that they can offer you, HostMonster offers an anytime money back guarantee for those customers who are dissatisfied with their service. All customer support is US based, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and assistance can be attained via chat, phone or even e-mail. The HostMonster professionals have even won awards for their level of customer support provided, which is more than other companies can say.

If you are interested in signing up with HostMonster, which never outsources their work to other companies, they are currently offering domains for as low as $4.95/month. Not to mention, for those who are searching for server hosting, HostMaster offers a 50% off your first month special when you sign up.

While you might be thinking that these prices are comparable to other hosting sites you have come across, the number of features included at these prices isn’t something most other hosting companies can provide.

Check out HostMonster today and start launching your successful website tomorrow!!


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